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    Changing user account for Qlik services error

    raphael blavier



      I installed Qlik Sense with a personnal account, so Qlik Windows services user account was mine.

      Qlik Sense was working perfectly.

      However my password change every month, so I create an account dedicated to handle Qlik Windows services.


      I added this account to our user directory and imported it in Qlik Sense, I gave it "Root Admin" role :Sans titre.png

      This account is administrator of the VM where Qlik Sense is installed :

      Sans titre2.png

      I changed Qlik services user account (I had to increase time out, because this new account was longuer to start Qlik Services).

      Since I changed it, QMC is still working, however I have the following error in the hub :

      An error occurred: No Engine service is available for the following app: app:_hub


      I switched back to my account and it works again.

      Do you have any advice to fix that issue ?