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    Qlik Sense - REST Connector Google Analytics

    Andrea Giacomello

      Hello Experts!

      I am using a REST Connector to connect my app with Google Analytics. The problem is that the resulting table is made up of only one column, instead of 4. Where is the problem? Hereafter what i did with explanations:


      1) my google analytics table have 4 different fields, and the image shows the parameters:


      2) this results in a table with 4 fields (data not displayed here):


      3) then i got the authorization and the url of the query to add them to the REST connector (screens below)Picture1.png


      4) but relevant data (that was before in 4 different columns) was shown in ONLY ONE COLUMN, in this section


      5) hereafter the code:


      LIB CONNECT TO [test];



        [@Value] AS [@Value_u0];





        FROM "rows" FK "__FK_rows_u0" ArrayValueAlias "@Value_u0")

        FROM "rows" PK "__KEY_rows" FK "__FK_rows")

      FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" PK "__KEY_root";



      any help on how to get back to the 4 columns table?? editing the code or paramenters of the rest connector? (i have already tried to add output=dataTable in the paramenters)


      Could anyone please help?

      Thank you very much!!