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    Qlikview Management console user

    jeevayswaran a

      Hi all,


      I have a application which is provided access to 20 users.


      some people left (4 persons). but i didn't remove those names in QMC for that application.


      So now the users and groups showing 20. but inside the list showing only 16 names.


      why? how can i resolve this. i have more applications like this.


      please suggest any ideas?

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          Chip Matejowsky

          Sorry, but I'm having trouble understanding what the issue is. Can you please provide some screen captures which help better illustrate the question? Thanks.

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            Paul Routledge

            I think you are distributing a document to Active Directory users by adding each user to the task distribution.


            Now when you look at the Distribute tab of the Task, Recipients show "20 Users or Groups" but when you go to edit this list only 16 are listed in detail.


            If so then the reason is those 4 users have left the company and have been deleted from your Active Directory.


            "20 Users or Groups" shows that you do have 20 entries for this document in your QVPR. When you try to edit them the dialog that opens actually validates each of those entries against the AD. It then can't find/validate 4 of them and does NOT list their detail.


            You can resolve this manually by removing them from your QVPR. If you use XML for your QVPR you need to locate a file called DistributionDetail.xml in this file there is a <DistributionDetail> for each user/group associated with each document distribution.


            You can probably find any users you know have left the company by checking the RecipientName attribute for their AD DOMAIN\USERID and delete each entire <DistributionDetail> node for them.


            If you want to go further and check which document the <DistributionDetail> node is for you will have to start doing cross references from DocumentTaskID=GUID to look up the <DocumentTask ID=GUID> in the file DocumentTask.xml which will get you a SourceDocumentID=GUID and you will then need to cross reference this with the SourceDocument.xml file <SourceDocument ID=GUID> the Path attribute here will finally resolve to your document name / QVW file.

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                jeevayswaran a

                Yes Paul, you are correct.


                Thank you for your reply.


                and i have some doubts.


                1. In "Manual input of user names" showing those names who are left the job in my QMC.


                2. why "Manual input of user names" text box showing names? i didn't add any users manually to access the documents.


                can i delete the Manual inputs. so can i get the problem to be solved.


                what is the solution for this to will not happen in futures??