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    GetWebTicket returns "Invalid Call"

    Pradana Atmadiputra



      I recently installed QV12 in a Windows Server 2016 (let's say 'server A'). In my local PC, I then created a console app to test requesting a web ticket to server A.


      The app runs correctly in my local PC (valid web ticket returned). I copied the console app to 3 different servers and run them separately. They work normally & valid tickets returned. However, when I run the console app from the server A itself, the app keeps getting 'Invalid Call'.

      Note that all servers and my own PC have been included in the Trusted IP list.

      Any idea what's wrong? Thanks.



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          Pradana Atmadiputra

          Problem solved.


          For my case, I included the IPv6 of the localhost in the <TrustedIP> list, then it just worked (I get the correct ticket). This only happens if the Qlikview server and code calling the GetWebTicket are on the same server.


          If the custom code is on a different server than the QV, listing the IPv4 is enough (no IPv6 needed).


          Is it new security feature, or default behavior of QV, or some settings on ther servers?