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    How to count distinct records from two range of dates?

    Mohan Kumar

      Hello legends,


      I am very new to Qlik I need your help on this.


      I have long range of transaction data, I wanted to count the customer who is in the range of date1 and I wanted to count them if there are exist in another date range. I have a data like this,


      ID    Date

      7     30-12-2015

      2     1-1-2016

      3     1-1-2016

      1     2-1-2016

      4     2-1-2016

      4     3-1-2016

      1     3-1-2016

      8     4-1-2016

      9    14-1-2016

      1    15-1-2016

      2    15-1-2016

      2    17-1-2016

      1   18-1-2016

      Expression should satisfy in the following case,

      Case (Exclusive Date Range):

      Base Date Range1: 01-01-2016 to 02-01-2016

      Analysis Date Range2: 15-01-2016 to 18-01-2016


      From the base period range, Expression will select the ID's 1,2,3,4 then I need to count the ID's in analysis period date which matches with the Base period ID's. i.e. the matching value is 1,2. So I need the output as 2 (count of ID).


      I know I have to write the set analysis, but I am new to Qlik. I tried my best but still, I cannot get the expression. I have attached my sample data and .qvf with the attempt I took in this discussion. Please help and let me learn Qlik.