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    NPrinting 16.3 with QV10 and 11 -> opt for QV10 as Default for NP

    amko sara

      Hi All,


      I have installed QV10, QV11 and NPrinting 16.3 on my computer.

      All my scripts are developed in QV10 when I run task in NPrinting

      NPrinting opens QV11 to do all the selections and create output report.


      How can I change that so to keep both versions of QV 10 and 11 but set NPrinting 16.3

      to open QV10 when NPrinting tasks are run.


      I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with this.




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          andy whitfield

          Maybe you need to bind the lease licence to the QV10 installtions, this may be useful:


          Qlik NPrinting Engine without QlikView Desktop license

          Possible cause

          The Qlik NPrinting Engine needs QlikView Desktop installed, with a license activated for the Windows user that runs the service.

          Proposed action

          Activate one of the allowed QlikView Desktop licenses. See: See: System requirements for Qlik NPrinting Engine.

          If you use assigned CALs, you need to connect the QlikView Desktop to the QlikView Server at least one time, at the beginning, using the same Windows user and computer as the Qlik NPrinting Engine service. A Named CAL license, taken from a QlikView Server, is valid only for a single QlikView Desktop user. In the case of a multiple Qlik NPrinting Engineinstallation, you must set a different Windows user and a different QlikView Desktop Named CAL license for each Qlik NPrinting Engine. If you use the same QlikView Desktop Named CAL license two or more times, the QlikView Server will disconnect all QlikView Desktops but one, and report generation will fail.

          Do the following:

          1. Find Qv.exe in the installation path.
          2. Press and hold SHIFT, right-click Qv.exe, and then select Run as different user.
          3. Open a .qvw document in the QlikView Server by using qvp. This will bind the license.
          4. Close QlikView Desktop.
          5. Restart the Qlik NPrinting Engine service.

          Check also that the engine is enabled.Do the following:

          1. Open the Qlik NPrinting Web Console.
          2. Select Admin.
          3. Click Engine manager.
          4. The Enabled check box must be selected.


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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            Is there any reason why you are trying to stick with unsupported version. QV10 is 7 years old and is not supported anymore.


            What is the reason that you are not willing to use QV 11 (or should i say QV 12) to run as a client for your reports?


            Interestingly how did you manage to install both version on your computer. That is also not supported configuration.


            knowing the reasons would be good as maybe there is a different solution to yor problem.