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    Several Issues with Qlik Sense 3.2 SR3

    cissy byrd

      I am not sure if this is the right forum to post issues that we are having with the latest service release so please let me know if this should be posted elsewhere.  We installed SR3 last week and these are some of the issues we are having:


      1.  Cannot see or create connections nor see existing connections in Internet Explorer.  They work in Edge and Chrome but not in Internet Explorer.


      2. Issues with Character fields that have numeric values:

      -Flag fields with either a 1 or 2 are coming through as date and times which is causing issues in current App where it is used in a set analysis

      - [CustNum] & ' -  ' &  [CustName] as a dimension is showing with the customer number having two decimal points in existing Apps : 123.00 - ABC Company rather than 123 - ABC Company


      3. "Add limit" on Gauges are sometimes grayed out not allowing another limit after two limits but work on other gauges.


      Is anyone else running into these issues?  Will there be a SR4 out soon to resolve these issues?