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    Qlik Sense: Unknown error when replacing published app

    Adrian Adams

      Hi Community,


      I currently have an application which is published, which I have then duplicated, edited and am now replacing the published app.  However when trying to do this, I get an unknown error on the QMC (attached screenshot).  Which gives me no indication of the issue which is causing the task to fall over.


      When looking in the logs of the activity repository (C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\Repository\Audit), I can see the app was replaced successfully, however the republish fails with the following error:


      Command=Republish app;Result=18;ResultText=Error: EngineQix


      Unknown error Parameters: REST connection failure (HTTP code: 400)


      I have looked in the "Troubleshoot Qlik Sense using logs" document which is available, however I cannot find the same error for result=18 in the document.


      I have read other threads which mention republishing apps with section access, and having the service account in the script; however this application has both section access and the service account included.


      Any help with this issue would be very much appreciated, as at this point in time I cannot publish an update to an application.