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    Object IDs in Qlik Sense

    Vinay Bangari

      Hi All in Qliksense when developing Nprinting reports with version 17 (WEB BASED) what is the best way to maintain and understand object IDs in qliksense . Because in Nprinting when developing any reports it always looks for the object ID. What is the best and easy way of implementation. Suppose if we have 100 qlik sense apps and at least 150 Nprinting reports to be created from different Qlik sense apps. If anyone has implemented for a large number of reports in web version of Nprinting


      questions i have are:


      1. how to maintain qliksense objects so that it gives you right object IDs and easy to remember for a developer when designing the Nprinting reports. In one word best way to name the objects and easy to remember in Nprinting

      2. how to maintain the naming convention in Nprinting when doing the reports because you have plenty of reports and may connections.

      3. How can we move Nprinting reports or connections or apps created in one environment (Dev) to Prod

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          Andy Weir

          1.In Sense you cannot create your own Object ID it is auto generated. Make sure you give each chart object a Title so that comes through in the catalog of available objects to work with.


          2. Create a dedicated App for your NPrinting reports to limit the changes.  If you need to create lots of Apps of the same structure create your base one then duplicate it as the IDs will come across with it


          3. You have to set them up seperately there is no migration tool from environment to environment at this time.  You can create templates of your reports by grabing the file generated during preview from temp and saving it in a folder you can use later.  You still will need to bring in the objects to wire it up though.





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              Vinay Bangari

              ogster1974 thank you for clarifying .


              1. Are there any good recemendation in qliksense in giving the title to identify in Nprinting. like QlikSenseApName_SheetName_Objecttype


              2. clarified.


              3. so Andy in older version what we used to do was copy and paste the .nsq file in new environment and also the excel template which we have created in dev. And change the paths then it used to work fine. But in the newer version can we not copy and paste anything like that. Do we have to create App, report again point to the template brought over ,,,

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                  Andy Weir

                  The title im referring to is the chart title itself so it has to be something the user wants to see like "Sales by Country" for example.


                  In the new version the only copy you can do is as I described to create a template of your report from the temp file created during preview other than that you have to set up everything else from scratch.


                  Perhaps in future some migration tools will come in.