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    Help license server

    Olga Lucia Ramirez


      i had problems with my server because a virus, it was format, and now i get in QMC in server license, write the license and this say Server failed to set license.

      When i get inside Manual LEF

      this say |Error (1)|NO_INFO_FOR_SERIAL_NUMBER|

      How can i do to verify my number license? That was the license gave me my Qlikview provider in Mexico.

      Thank you,



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          Kaushik Solanki



          Make sure that the license number is a 16 digit number and a control number is a 5 digit number.


          If you still face issue, best if to connect to the partner who gave you license, or contact Qlik support.



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Peter Cammaert

            If you get that error message from the manual LEF page, then you're probably entering an invalid or incomplete license number. The License database doesn't forget licenses. Even the old time-limited ones I got still return a LEF block after more than 7 years.


            Follow Kaushik's advice. The serial number has 16 digits and in most cases starts with the ISO country code. For Mexico, that should be 52.

            Important: If you copy the serial number from Excel, make sure that the final digit is the actual digit, as Excel is unable to handle more than 15 digits and usually turns the last one into a 0 (zero). That may also produce an error message like the one you posted.





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              Olga Lucia Ramirez

              Thank you, i think provider gave me wrong license becouse this it 16 digits and start whith 52.

              I am going to talk with support qlikview thank you guys.