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    Pick only  value for latest date

    Akpofure Enughwure

      Good day one


      I have a set of data I need to pick only the latest data


      Area 1150100120
      Area 21004060
      Area 370100150


      I used the crosstable function to resolve my data

      Something like this


      At the backend



      CrossTable (Date, Value, 1)


      LOAD [Location],





      from DAILY Sales.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sample);





      Load [Location],

        Date(Num#(Date)) as Date,
      Month(Num#(Date)) as Month,
      'Q' & Ceil(Month(Num#(Date))/3) as Quarter,
      MonthName(Num#(Date)) as MonthYear,
      Year(Num#(Date)) as Year,
      Day(Num#(Date)) as Day,

      Resident Fox;


      Drop Table Fox;



      All I need is how I can only display value based on latest date