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    storing into QVD with one sync in qvw

    Suraj Rao



      I have an application with one sync between 2 tables of 9 fields and trying to store the first two tables into qvd separately.


      My first table gets stored into qvd without any error. But when the next table loads it does not store to qvd and shows the message table not found with which I am trying to store.


      Ex: Table A, Table B


      A has 15 fields

      B has 12 fields (9 fields common with Table A)


      A Stores successfully into qvd

      B table gets loaded but fails to store into qvd (error message: table not found). I am not dropping the table anywhere.


      My question is if there is a sync in qvw then the qvd will work or not. (I dont want to have sync in my qvw. Will remove it though. But a kind of scenario i need to know with sync and qvd)


      Any help is much appreciated.



      Suraj Rao