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    Loading Data using a functionality similar to Vlookup..

    Fabrizio Giorgio

      Hi all,


      I have been reading a lot of posts about this, but I cannot seem to understand how to do this in plain english.


      So, without going into too much detail, here's a simplified example of the problem (which I am encountering time and time again):


      From a table in my ODBC source, I have loaded a TableA in Qlikview where one of the fields is "invoice_no".

      I have applied a variable to this table to only import invoices for the past 3 financial years in order to filter out any unneccessary records.


      So far so good...


      Now, for my report requirements, I need to load data from another Table (from a different table in my ODBC source) with other Invoice-related fields where "invoice_no" is a common field.

      I only want to load the fields where "invoice_no" is identical to the ones already loaded in TableA.


      Sort of like Vlookup "invoice_no" in TableA and the ODBC source table and get me all these other fields, but only where these 2 are identical.


      What syntax do I use to do this? I think i need to use a Preceding load or a Resident Load but I am not understanding completely how to use these commands.


      Can someone please help?