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    editor lines fetched = 0

    Roberta Darmanin

      We have the below data editor, which when loaded is fetching 0 lines from each file. We can't understand why the problem is persisting since we have already used the same editor text in other apps, which has worked fine up to today.


      SET ZLoadDirectory = '[lib://April17Analysis_24.4.17/]';

      SUB LoadDirectory (ZLoadDirectory)

      FOR each Repository in 'TR2', 'TR3', 'TR4', 'TR5', 'TR6', 'TR7', 'TR8', 'TR9', 'TR10', 'TR11'
            FOR each File in filelist (ZLoadDirectory & '$(Repository)' & '.xml')
              //TRACE $(File)
                FileName() as fileName,
                [New/CmonTradData/CtrctData/NtnlCcyFrstLeg] AS NotionalCurrency,
                [New/CtrPtySpcfcData/CtrPty/RptgCtrPty/Id/LEI] AS RprtngCtrptyLEI,
                [New/CtrPtySpcfcData/CtrPty/OthrCtrPty/Id/LEI] AS OthrCtrptyLEI,
                [New/CmonTradData/TxData/TradClr/ClrSts/Clrd/CCP/LEI] AS CcpLEI,
                [New/CtrPtySpcfcData/CtrPty/Bnfcry/LEI] AS BeneficiaryLEI,
                [New/CtrPtySpcfcData/CtrPty/Brkr/LEI] AS BrokerLEI,
                [New/CtrPtySpcfcData/CtrPty/ClrMmb/LEI] AS ClearingMemberLEI,
                [New/CtrPtySpcfcData/CtrPty/SubmitgAgt/LEI] AS SubmittingAgentLEI,
                [New/CmonTradData/TxData/NtnlAmt/Amt] AS NotionalAmt,
                [New/CmonTradData/CtrctData/UndrlygInstrm/IdNotAvlbl] AS UnderlyingNoID,
                [New/CmonTradData/CtrctData/AsstClss] AS AssetClass,
                [New/CmonTradData/CtrctData/CtrctTp/CtrctForDiff/NoAddtlAttrbts] AS ContractForDifference,
                [New/CmonTradData/CtrctData/CtrctTp/Futr] AS Future,
                [New/CmonTradData/CtrctData/CtrctTp/Optn/OptnTp] AS OptionType,
                [New/CmonTradData/CtrctData/CtrctTp/Swp] AS Swap,
                [New/CmonTradData/TxData/UnqTradIdr] AS UTI,
                [New/CmonTradData/TxData/TradgVn] AS TradingVenue
              From [$(File)]
              (XmlSimple, embedded labels, table is [BizData/Pyld/Document/EMIRTradRpt/TradData/Rpt/Tx])
              Where Len([New/CmonTradData/TxData/UnqTradIdr]) > 0;
            NEXT File
          NEXT Repository

      FOR each Dir in dirlist (ZLoadDirectory&'\*')
            CALL LoadDirectory(Dir)
          NEXT Dir
      END SUB

      CALL LoadDirectory (ZLoadDirectory)