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    There is a macro which generates table box dynamically.How do I change the presentation (alignment) of the table box dynamically?

    Prajna Ajila

      How do I change the alignment of the data of table box and the header ?




      sub test1234





      Dim tb



      Set tb= ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB124")



      set clus1 = ActiveDocument.Variables("Vbranch_Z")



      clus = clus1.GetContent.String 









      tb.AddField "ORDER_KEY_" & clus

      tb.AddField "Clus_input_" & clus





      set tbp = tb.GetProperties

      set cols = tbp.Layout.ColLayouts

      cols.Item(0).Label.v = "Name"

      cols.Item(1).Label.v = "ID"

      tb.SetProperties tbp






      End Sub