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    Display error table chart in Mashup

    Marco Hamacher

      Hi everyone,


      I noticed, that a table chart produces some weird text in a mashup.

      The occurrence seems to depend on the pages zoom level.


      Capture2.PNGAs you can see there are strange entries in the Totals row in columns y and z and also in the empty column on the right. In the qlik app columns y and z are empty. The strange value seems to be a misformatted version of the entry from column x. However if I zoom out a little the entries are gone but the one in column y.

      Inspecting the DOM I can only find an entry for the cell Totals:x. The other cells in this row seem empty. Nothing in the html or css points to what this is.
      Has anyone encountered such a problem or does anyone know a solution?

      Glad for any input.