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    Where can i find my localhost Playground myPlaygroundAPIKey ?

    PHILIPPON Quentin



      I try to use Playground with my apps but i don't find my API Key, called "myPlaygroundAPIKey"

      Playground demos are running on localhost but now i want to try with my own apps.

      config - contains all of the information require to authenticate and create a connection

      • host: "myhost.com", //the address of your Qlik Instance
      • prefix: "/", //the virtual proxy to be used. for example "/anonymous/"
      • port: window.location.port, //the port to be used if different from the current port
      • isSecure: true, //should be true if connecting over HTTPS
      • apiKey: "myPlaygroundAPIKey",
      • appname: "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000


      Can anybody help me ?