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    ReloadEngine@servername is down error message but all services are running

    Jonas Hertz

      I have just installed QV 12 Enterprise Edition Server (12.10.20300.0) and Publisher with the following configuration:


      Server 1 - QDS, QMS

      Server 2 - DCS, QVS, QVWS


      All five services listed above are running and are visible in the QMC. QDS or QMS was never installed on Server 2.

      EDIT: Evaluation Licenses are applied on both servers.


      The issue is:

      we have an error message in the QMC that reads: "ReloadEngine@server2" is down. But I can find no fault in the installation and so far as I can tell ReloadEngine is only used whitout Publisher.


      Steps tried:

      Restart all services, restart both servers, ran repair on both servers.


      Please advice.