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    Host a PDF document from Qlik Sense Clound App?

    Lawrence Kelley

      Does Qlik Sense Cloud support uploading content (e.g. PDF files) that can be displayed via an App Sheet link?


      Background: Our current app includes a link to an informational PDF document which is hosted separately on a company web server.  Is it possible to upload this pdf document to Qlik Sense Cloud and link to it from an App Sheet?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Lawrence,


          Not at this time - below is a screenshot of the supported data file types you can upload. I understand your point and it would be nice to have some sort of content management so you can include addition items and keep them all in one place  - if you would like - you can use the feedback link in the menu on the left and submit this question to them and see what the plan is in this area. I will also tag the cloud team sarahkohler kha to see what they may say on this thread.




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