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    Problem accrued per month if there are no sales in the month

    Sebastián Moya

      Good Morning.

      I have the following script



      Load * inline

      [Date, Customer, Amount

      01/01/2016, a, 10

      2/1/2016, a, 20

      01/03/2016, a, 30

      5/1/2016, a, 50

      01/01/2016, b, 120

      02/01/2016, b, 20

      01/04/2016, b, 30

      5/1/2016, b, 50

      07/07/2016, b, 50







      Month as of the month

      Resident Sales_Temp;



      Drop table Sales_Temp;


      The accumulated value for customer A in April should be 60 and appears null. In July it would be 110

      The accumulated value for customer B in March should be 140


      The formulas are as follows.

      Accumulated Customer a and similar for customer b


           Aggr (

           Rangesum (above (sum ({$ <[Client] = {'a'}>}

           [Amount]), 0, rowNo (Total)))

           , Month)


      Please I have to do so that instead of null appear the previous value for months that does not have sales.

      Thank you.