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    Pivot table does not show value in cell, but does in hover

    Jeff Raguse

      I set up a pivot table using 2 dimensions MDLR (a numeric code) and FundWeekend (a date for each week ending on Saturday).  In each cell should be the number of accounts that were opened for each MDLR and within the week shown.


      Just looking at the top row, there is only one number shown, that being '28' for week 01/28/2017.  Yet when I mouse over (hover) the other cells in the row, there are values in the hover box, but not shown in the cell.  The week prior shows 25 in the hover box and the week after shows 8 (both correct counts).  Also, if I download this pivot table into excel, all of the values are shown correctly, except the dates appear as one day later.


      I am using Qlik Sense 3.1 SR4.  I have tried checking the "Show null values" or not with no change.  I am currently sorting by an expression that gives a total for each row, and this seems to be working fine also.


      All of the computations appear to be working fine (in terms of what I can see in the hover box and what I see when downloading the data into excel), they are just not shown in the pivot table cells.


      Anyone have any ideas?


      Pivot table.PNG