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    Nprinting: Excel report- Banded columns

    Sujeet Shirude

      Hi all,


      We have a Nprinting 17.3 excel report which pulls data from Qlik Sense 3.2. I am trying to format an Nprinting excel report to have banded columns as attached but it only adds the bands to the first two rows. Is this a known issue? Can we have banded columns in the Nprinting excel report?


      Any insights on the same are appreciated.




      Thank you,

      Sujeet Shirude

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          Lech Miszkiewicz



          Solution is simple - See screenshots with numbers and description


          When creating an excel template

          • 1 - move your entites to excel
          • 2 - select headers and lines of your table (select table range/area)
          • 3- go to "Insert" and
          • 4 - select Table


          this will change the range to the table. Table then can be formated according to all available designs (second screenshot), where you can choose from ready templates or create your own one.


          also remember to change "keep the source formatting' in table properties (last screenshot)



          hope this helps














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            Matus Kelemen

            step 2 in Lech's instructions creates exactly this problem.
            You Need to include one extra line in your table (you can insert the <deleterow> tag if you do not want it at the end).


            This way the table grows with the exported data.

            Of course the Expand range option needs to be selected.





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                Sujeet Shirude

                Thanks, Matus!


                Initially, I tried to select all the rows then selected the table style but did not work.


                Now, when I selected the additional two rows, it worked.

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                  Lech Miszkiewicz

                  Hi Matus

                  I am not sure, but i think it depends on version of Excel you are using.


                  I did not have to use this extra row&deleterow functionality to create a table and get formating done to whole table. I am on MSOffice 2016 and i had to select only headers and row line below and then go INSERT->Table.


                  I remember from past that sometimes i had to do what you wrote regarding adding one row (for example to provide Grand Total on the bottom of the table)


                  I am interested to see whether it is office related difference.