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    Device (i.e Mobile, laptop) level security in Qliksense

    abhay singh

      Hi Guys,


      I am curious to know, can we implement Device level security in Qliksense.


      So lets brief it by Example,

      let suppose  there are 2 Device, and 2 user

      USER1 Handling Device1

      USER2 Handling Device2


      and Both the users have access to their Dashboards, so here the scenario comes, let say USER2 knows the credential of USER1, and he is trying to login by using USER1 Credential into Dashboard to look into their Data.

      i wanted to restrict USER2 even when he knows the credential of USER1, so for i want USER1 dashboard can only be avaible through his MOBILE, LAPTOP,IPAD etc. only, by defining any MAC address or something of the device.



      Hope i am clear ,, Please suggest.