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    How to remove Blank values ?

    Deepika Shinde

      Hi All,


      I am trying to remove data from a qvd where field is blank.

      I tried with below conditions,but it didn't work for me.


      1) Where len(Field_Name) > 0


      2) Where Trim(Field_Name) <> ''


      Even i tried below steps  ,still it didn't work


      3) loading data in a table with Len column and then load data in another table by applying condition




      if(len(MISC_feature_ID) > 1,1,0) as Len

      from 'QVDTable*' (qvd);





      RESIDENT Table

           where Len = 1;


      Still whole data gets loaded in Table2


      Can any one help me to get ride of blank values.