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    I don't think that this is possible?

    Mark Ritter

      Using a Pivot Table in Qlik Sense to replicate a P&L Statement from accounting data.


      In the current P&L that is a calculated row that summarizes the data in several groups above it.  All of the rows and sections above this one are linked to GL accounts and therefore display correctly.  But this sub-total row is not linked directly to anything.  It consists of the totals for the prior maybe 20 accounts.  And it needs to display in the correct location of the Pivot Table.


      For example:


      Direct Labor

      Branch Payroll Services



      Branch Payroll Dept 2



      Branch Payroll Sales



      Total Direct Labor (Totals for all above)

      Payroll Overhead


           Group Insurance

      Payroll Overhead Taxes


      Total Payroll Overhead(Totals for above Overhead accounts)


      Branch Labor Margin(Totals for everything above)


      So all of these sort correctly and sub-total correctly for each grouping.  The ones in Red I can't figure out how to make happen and have them display in the correct location of the P&L.


      Is this even possible to do?