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    NPrinting 17.3 - Multiple users send to single email

    Jay Fitchett

      Hi folks,

      At our organization we have 4 VPs that we'd like to generate reports for through NPrinting. The VPs should not receive reports from us directly - they all have assistants that these reports are sent to. My initial thought was that I could create the VP users in NPrinting with their email being the email of their respective assistants. The problem: two VPs have the same assistant, and according to NPrinting I can only use an email once.

      I don't want to create a filter where both VPs get rolled into a single report and apply it to their assistant's user. Each VP needs their own report, and the report needs to be dynamically named to include the name of the VP, therefore each VP needs to have their own users and filters.

      Is this not possible in NPrinting? I really don't want to try to solve the problem through the exchange server.


      Thanks for your help!!