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    Delete duplicate records using alternative states

    Aimar Moral

      Hi all,


      I have a problem with alternative states.


      I'm using alternate states to create a list of users that they have attended an event to create a list of clients interested in the next smae event. I have the next data set:




      We use 2 alternatives states because I want to create diferents groups of posibilities. When I create the final list, I use the next expression Count([State 1] Name) + Count([State 2] Name). in the State 1 I filter for Event A and in State 2 for Event B.


      The final table should have all the fields but when I have the same attende in two events (example: Jon) only should show once, I use an another field that define the priority of each state (another field not relted witth principal table) to priorice the state which have more weight.


      Can you help me with this situation?