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    QS Selection Object Threshold for Mashups "x of y" problem

    Richard Bartley

      Hello everyone,


      Up until now, I have been working quite happily with the selection object to look at the current selections for a field.  However, I notice that when there are more than a certain number of values selected, instead of showing a comma-separated list of all of the selected values in qSelected, it shows a string of the format x of y, e.g. "10 of 40", where x represents the number of selected values and y is the total number of available values. 


      I saw a post concerning Qlk View where the selection threshold was mentioned, so I tried :


      value.qSelectionThreshold=10; (see below for context)


      $.each(reply.qSelectionObject.qSelections, function(key, value)
        var field = value.qField;  //The field name
        if(field=="Latest Year Flag(Price)"||field=="Year (Price)")
        strSelectedYears = value.qSelected; //The concatenated string of selected values


      However, although I could see that the property of the value object seemed to have been altered, it did not seem to make any difference to the result.



      Working if few values selected:



      SelectionThreshold Few Values.PNG

      Not working if 7 or more selected:


      SelectionThreshold Many Values.PNG




      Does anyone have any ideas?