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    Mashup Objects not closable - huge performance issue

    Alexander Johr



      I'm developing a Singe Page Application Mashup with lot's ob Sense Objects in it. I link the objects with the app.GetObject function.


      When navigating through the Mashup it becomes slower and slower until it gets unusable. I profiled a bit and found out, that with the increasing count of registered objects, the count of watchers and the time for the digest cycle increases.


      But I can't unregister the objects. Before I updated to Qlik Sense 3, there was that "close" function on the object model which is delivered by the promise of the GetObject function. However, I didn't notice, that this close function didn't change anything. Now that I have Qlik Sense 3, the close function is gone completely.


      I also tried the following functions, because I thought it may help, but they didn't:





      Please help!

      Best Regards