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    Splunk Connector for Qlik

    Steve Rimar

      I'm a Qlik Luminary and owner of a consulting firm that specializes in data analytics with Qlik and Splunk. We have developed a connector for QlikView & QlikSense that directly streams data out of Splunk into Qlik.

      The Splunk Connector for Qlik developed by Analytica Consulting provides an easy, robust integration between the two platforms.

      Features include:

      • Any easy to use interface which allows you to enter a Splunk Search or select a Saved Search to use with your Qlik application
      • Streams data directly from Splunk into Qlik’s in-memory model
      • Can use direct data discovery to allow Splunk to do the heavy lifting
      • Works with both QlikView and QlikSense

      For more information please visit our site or the Qlik Market. Links below: