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    Help with Nprinting 17

    Jyothish KC

      Hi All,


      Currently i am facing some issues with Nprinting, it seems like a limitation to me , but it can be a miss from my side also.

      Your expert comments will be really appreciated.


      Below is my scenario:

      I have 2 set of report one for last month and other for last 3 months.

      Filter for me are Country and Brand. Each country can have multiple brand.

      the reports should be created for one brand and one country at a time, same user can receive reports for multiple brands.


      Now, the challenge i am facing in Nprinting 17 is that i am not able to use cyclic filter. (as it do not support as per my knowledge).

      In Admin part in users if i add multiple Brand filter to User 1, then i will receive only one report and not multiple as per the brand.


      So i am i am forced to create multiple publish task for each brand , in user i can assign Country filter and again complications arise if a user require report for multiple country.

      In Nprinting 16, i was able to add multiple mail id in the recipient list an add filter, now in Nprintng 17 i cant do that. i am not taking about group since i cant assign filter at Group level.


      Am i  missing any easy approach in this case ?


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          Stephen Jasionowski

          If you are emailing multiple versions of the same report (with each containing different data based on dimensions) then this is currently not supported in NPrinting 17.


          Cycling is on the roadmap as the highest priority gap feature and will be part of a release in the 2nd half of 2017.

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            Lech Miszkiewicz


            few things,

            • Are you using QlikView or QlikSense?
              • If QlikView - maybe you could use build in Entity Reports which have "Cycle" function implemented/embeded in report editor in QlikView. The outcome would be (say 1 PDF but split internaly for each country and brand) - that would be much closer to what you will need.
              • I understand is not fully functional workaround, but maybe it will get you closer to what you actualy need



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                Jyothish KC

                Hi Lech,


                Thanks for your suggestion.


                We are using QV and we have tried the cyclic function already. Unfortunately as you said it create multiple pages with in the report on the basis of filter, which is not my requirement. 


                we wanted to send this reports to different recipients.



                Jyothish KC