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    Layout of Snapshot/Exploration/Full Screen icons

    Steven Taschereau



      For the most part, when the Snapshot, Exploration and Full Screen icon are visible they are laid out in a straight horizontal line above my graphs. There have been occasions when I have seen them appear in a circular layout inside the graph boundaries (along with other right-click menu items?) but I've no idea what factors affect which layout is used. Can someone please enlighten me?




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          Steven Taschereau

          Seems the circular menu behavior is related to touch devices; touch devices display the circular layout, non-touch display the linear layout. Not sure why QS thinks the laptop in question is a touch device but that seems to be what's happening.

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              Luiz DePaula



              I realized that this happened to me after I downloaded the Qlik Sense app and authenticated using the authentication link. After I got authenticated and started using the mobile app, my options in the computer changed as if I was always on mobile. Initially I did not think it would be a problem, and having an extra step to expand to full screen, having to right-click, would not be an issue. However, switching to the mobile version the desktop actually increased the size of certain objects, like pivot tables. This caused a big issue for me, as I have dashboards that are used as source for pixel perfect NPrinting reports. So, some pivot tables increased the size, and did not fit completely in the NPrinting report template anymore, causing the report to show partially the image.


              Do you know how to change this format back to recognize desktop as desktop?