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    Converting multiple true/false fields into one dimension while keeping linkages

    Devin Galloway

      Example data:



      The real data I'm working with is confidential, but the table above is an example of the same situation I'm facing. The raw data is set up like above, where there is an ID, state, and other identifiers, as well as multiple "Status" columns that have TRUE or FALSE.


      What I need is a pie chart that would read this raw data and display four slices for Deleted, Updated, Saved, and Reverted, counting when a record has TRUE for each field. I initially just manually created a new table that has two fields, "Status" and "Status Count", with a row for each status and the corresponding count. However, I still need the data linkage between the other fields. For example, if I select "Deleted" from the pie chart, I need the filter to also filter my other visualizations to only display records that have Deleted = TRUE.


      Any insight on how to accomplish this? Thank you in advance.