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    Qliksense Error - Userdirectory Connector

    Patric Amatulli



      we just have made an upgrade on our Qliksense Server from the version 3.1.2 to the version 3.2.3 and we have encountered the following problem when it comes to try to edit the user directory connector. What is the problem here?



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          Patric Amatulli

          I think the cause of the problem is that the Local UserDirectory Connector was removed with the version 3.2


          "Local User Directory Connector functionality removed

          No User Directory Connector is needed for a local user to be able to log in to Qlik Sense, therefore this functionality is not needed and was removed in Qlik Sense 3.2 SR3.   "


          Someone can say me how we can continue to use Local Users with Qliksense Server?

          Is it not possible anymore? What is the alternative?