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    Call a Teradata Stored Procedure

    tanya sinha



      Can you please help me to understand how to call an in-database stored procedure from Qlik Sense Data Load Editor on a Teradata Database? I have seen how to do it on SQL Server but I want to write SQL as: Call Function_Name (parameters). This is the standard way of calling it on any other SQL Editor after connecting to the database.

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          John Cunningham

          Hi Tanya,


          I just got this working. There were two things I needed to do to run a Teradata procedure from QlikSense:


          1. Place "SQL" in front of the procedure call. eg "SQL call terdataDBname.proname();"


          2. The "Session Mode" of the ODBC connection needed to be set to "Teradata".


          • For Windows ODBC, the setting is in the ODBC Administrator under the driver setup for your DB, under Options.
          • For Qlik ODBC Connector Package, add "SessionMode" with a value of "Teradata" under the Advanced session.


          If you are still having issues, try using the Output window in the Load Script Editor Debugger to see what messages Teradata is generating.


          I hope this helps,