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    Filtering & zero values

    John Schmidt



      I have a little question to filtering values.

      I have a time dimension where i generated values for every day from 2010 up to 2017.

      Furthermore i have a metric which is linked to a day in this time dimension.

      Now i built a line chart where i display my metric over this time dimension.

      On some days/day ranges there is no metric - in the line chart for that day a '0' is displayed.


      For example:

      day 1 = 10

      day 2 = 15

      day 3 = 0

      day 4 = 0

      day 5 = 22


      This is exactly what i want - i want to see time ranges with 0 in my line chart, everything perfect until here.

      However, if i filter another dimension connected to my metric, the time dimension with 0 is not displayed anymore.


      day 1 = 10

      day 2 = 15

      day 5 = 22


      Can somebody tell me what the best way to tackle this problem is?

      I want the 0-ranges but i want to filter at the same time.


      Thanks a lot!