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    Comments on <Load more> ?

    René Valencourt

      I have found the introduction of limited loading of rows to be a rather large hindrance at times (especially when reviewing large numbers of rows), and thus very annoying.  An aggravator, in fact, perhaps the sole reason that this be for me a major issue, is that it is a moving window that does not keep loaded what has already been retrieved.


      Down with <Load more>!  Especially, down with <Load previous> !


      These are the options that I see available going forward:


      1. Keep the current moving window with no change.

      2. Keep the current moving window, but allow size of window to be specified.

      3. Eliminate any restriction on loading of data; i.e., revert to the way Qlik Sense behaved prior to 3.0.

      4. Eliminate the moving window, and go with an expanding window.  I.e., keep <Load more> for additional data, and eliminate <Load previous> (keeping already-loaded data).  Optionally allow specification of increment size.

      5. Make data loading behavior an option that can be set at multiple levels:  1) server, 2) app, 3) visualization.  Setting a value at a more specific context overrides general setting.  Options would be:  1) no restriction, 2) moving window with number of rows specified, 3) expanding window with increment quantity of additional rows specified.


      I presented the options on a continuum of desirability, from what I feel to be the least desirable ("1") to the most desirable ("5").


      Please comment on these options and on your experience (especially if you have some trick that might give some relief!).

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          Rob Wunderlich

          Where is this option available? API?



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            pierre Roy

            Hi René,


            Do you have a touch screen device? If yes, you have to disable this foncionnality. See the link below for more information.


            Qlik Support



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                René Valencourt

                Hello Pierre,


                Thanks for the link.  That is interesting, but too bad that, as they said, "This button is currently not configurable (no option to disabled it)."  The need to be able to configure the button was the point of my post.  Unfortunately, half a solution is in this case worse than no solution, in my view.

                The article, as you pointed out, says "Possible workaround is to disable the touch screen functionality."  However, for someone who actually needs the touch functionality, especially on mobile devices, this is not an option.

                Qlik needs to address this ASAP, in my view.


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                    stuart wannop

                    We have a client who is finding this unbearable to use when scrolling down so yes it is something that Qlik needs to look into quickly. I think disabling touch screen will fix the issue but this is not the long term solution.


                    As a partner, we have raised a feature request that this load more button can be turned off (or removed completely). If you are a partner I would recommend you also raise a feature request with them as more numbers will ensure that it becomes a priority. I don't think Qlik realise what a big end user issue this is - out client has spent a significant amount on Qlik Sense and this is a massive issue for them.



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                        René Valencourt

                        Hello Stu,


                        >> If you are a partner I would recommend you also raise a feature request with them...

                        Unfortunately, I am not.  If I were, I would be inundating them with feature requests; in fact, if there were a forum that were properly set up to receive and evaluate suggestions, and solicit feedback from the user community, I would still be doing this.  Synon, and then Sterling Software and Computer Associates, with respect to Synon-created software, had a very useful and active user forum, and it was, frankly, wonderful for developers/users.

                        I did during the first year that we had Qlik Sense inundate the support partner with whom we deal with these observations and requests, but they weren't interested; it wasn't in their contract.

                        I don't have time to waste on detailed presentations that don't receive any attention.

                        Hopefully things may change.  Qlik Sense is still very immature when it comes to being enterprise-suitable, in my view.