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    localhost to test GMS

    Chris Luscombe

      Hi All-

      We have been working through the GMS documentation found here and seem to be stuck on this step:


      1. A test page to confirm the GMS is active. It is accessible via the browser at https://localhost:8590/masterlib/testpage where localhost is the hostname for your Qlik Sense server.


      If the URL I use to access QlikSense is https://dtw-qlik.hq.curtis.com/hub/my/work then what is the link I should be using to access the test page?  I would think it be:




      or maybe



      or perhaps



      But none of these combinations seems to work.  Thanks!



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          Jeffrey Goldberg



          If you are remote desktoped into your Qlik Sense server, the https://localhost:8590/masterlib/testpage will work.  If you are accessing from a different system, accessibility is a function of what you entered into the installation when prompted for a friendly name that you connect to the server with.  When you do this, a certificate and private key need to be supplied to the installer to allow GMS service to run with the fully qualified domain name (the last item in your list).  If you followed these instructions and post install you are not able to access gms, then there is an issue with the service running the gms.


          So, first question.  If you remote to the server, can you access using localhost?  If yes, then your issue is likely a certificates issue and how gms service is configured to run.


          If not working, then look in services for the existence of Qlik EA Powertools Service Dispatcher service.  If this entry is missing then the installer failed to install the powertools service dispatcher.  If this issue, I can give you a batch file to install it.



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            Mohan Kumar

            Hi Chris,


            I am facing the same problem, I wouldn't able to find the log file in a mentioned folder. EA Power tool dispatcher service is running.


            To be more clear, I followed each step while installing GMS and QMC Utilities. The only step I skipped is setting certification path for the hostname. I skipped it because I'm using remote session(different domine).


            Chris, Have you solved this issue? If yes, kindly provide the answer to this thread, which will be useful for us.




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                Arjen Tervoort




                I experienced the same problems, probably caused by the different then default location on Qlik installation.



                As Jeff suggested earlier there is a log file mine looked like this.





                Date Log Level Service Message

                2017-11-21T20:05:50.748Z INFO EAPowerToolsService Starting up the EAPowerTools Service Manager.

                2017-11-21T20:05:50.753Z INFO EAPowerToolsService Using default value of 'Info' for log level

                2017-11-21T20:05:50.768Z INFO EAPowerToolsService Could not parse service 'The file path 'C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\EAPowerTools\iportal\server.js' for service 'iPortal' is not valid (likely does not exist).' because: 'The file path 'C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\EAPowerTools\iportal\server.js' for service 'iPortal' is not valid (likely does not exist).'

                2017-11-21T20:05:50.769Z INFO EAPowerToolsService Could not parse service 'The execution path 'E:\QLIKPROG\Qlik\Sense\EAPowerTools\PowerToolsServiceDispatcher\..\..\ServiceDispatcher\Node\node.exe' for service 'governedmetricsservice' is not valid (likely does not exist).' because: 'The execution path 'E:\QLIKPROG\Qlik\Sense\EAPowerTools\PowerToolsServiceDispatcher\..\..\ServiceDispatcher\Node\node.exe' for service 'governedmetricsservice' is not valid (likely does not exist).'

                2017-11-21T20:05:51.020Z INFO EAPowerToolsService Found service 'QMCUtilities' in config file.

                2017-11-21T20:05:51.021Z INFO EAPowerToolsService Starting service: QMCUtilities

                2017-11-21T20:05:51.022Z INFO EAPowerToolsService Serivce 'QMCUtilities' is starting with arguments '--max_old_space_size=8192'.






                I resloved the issue by simply adjust the location of the required paths manual in the services.conf file (notepad++) as follows (for my situation)














                Now things are running as desired