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    Internal engine error

    Michael Marchese

      Every time I make a selection that results in a chart having no data to display, I get the message "An error occurred Internal engine error."  Meanwhile, the chart says "The chart is not displayed because it contains only undefined values."  I have no problem with the chart message because it makes perfect sense.  However, the pop-up is disruptive, useless, and fear-inducing to users.


      I've had some success eliminating the pop-up by putting a calculation condition on the chart, which prevents it from being rendered when it has no data.  But it doesn't always seem to work, and it shouldn't be necessary in the first place.  Did Qlik really not anticipate such a common situation?  Or am I missing something?  Anyone know any workarounds that consistently work?  I can't have these pop-ups running rampant.