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    Show last week values by each day separately

    Anna Tsardoulias

      I'm relatively new to both Qlikview and SQL, so please bear with me if this is an easy answer. I did not create the document I am trying to edit, but I have been tasked with the future growth and maintenance of it.


      I currently have a table with individuals and how many messages they've sent out weekly. However, I want to extend the table to also show how many messages have been sent out each individual day of the previous week (Sun-Sat). Qlikview Table Screenshot.png


      The expression for the total messages for the week is sum({<week = {'$(=max(week))'}>}[MESSAGE SOURCE1])+sum({<week = {'$(=max(week))'}>}[MESSAGE SOURCE2])

      I have in my script: SET DayNames='Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;Sun';




      LOAD date(date, 'M/D/YYYY') as date,

           if(weekyear(week)<weekyear(today()), date(week, 'M/D/YYYY') ,if(week(week) < week(today()), date(week, 'M/D/YYYY'))) as week,

           date(month, 'M/D/YYYY') as month,



      LOAD date,






      already, but I'm not sure if that is helpful for this question or not.


      How do I call out each day individually without selecting them manually? I need it to be the previous week as this report is run every Tuesday automatically, so while the last Wednesday-Saturday are the most recent of those, I need the last Sunday-Tuesday.


      Any and all help will be much appreciated. If there's any further information I need to provide, please let me know.