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    QlikSense-SQL/database/Salesforce connection variables dynamic

    Sateesh s

      Currently I am doing the following process in qlikview

      1) Copy - paste the below SQL OLE DB connection string to a text file C;/files/abc.txt.


      Set ConnectToDB = OLEDB CONNECT TO [Provider=SQLOLEDB.xxx]


      2 ) Read this text file with the include statement in Qlikview.




      whenever password changes or connection changes then I will have to change the contents of the text file and all QVW's will read from the same data source.


      When it comes to QlikSense.I need to Use LIB



      Can it be possible the Dynamic Variable be used in QlikSense for data connection.Instead of having LIB (Connection String) with in the qvf application
      As like above QlikView process i have followed above.