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    JSON Conversion in QlikView Script

    Simon Koenen



      I have a table containing multidimensional JSON data within one of the attributes. Is there any example how to convert the json to sub-tables without using extensions or macros but using the normal script functionality?


      The JSON looks like this:


      [{ "Id" : "1", "User" : "Mustermann", "Location" : [{ "PostalCode" : "33813", "City" : "Berlin"}], "Test" : [{ "Name" : "Optical", "Result" : "ok" },{ "Name" : "Pressure", "Result" : "not ok" }] }, { ... etc. ... }]


      I want to have one table containing the user information and one additional with the tests linked over the user id. Furthermore it should be dynamical because the sub table information could differ (sometimes they contain other tests or more fields).


      Any suggestions / examples?