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    Aggr Count

    Cassandra Baqir

      The goal is to show a count of Providers with Duplicate entries (same NPI, name, specialty) at a facility.


      In the example below, in the detailed chart, I use =if(count( NPI)>=2,count(NPI)) and get 262 as the numeric count of rows (as opposed to the sum of the rows). This means there are 262 providers at this facility that are duplicated.


      I want a bar chart to show the total number of duplicate providers at each facility but this number is not the same. I believe I need to use an AGGR statement but I can't figure out how. The bar chat's only dimension would be facility but I still want to show the same logic.


      This is not giving me what I need: =sum(aggr(count( NPI)>=2,FACILITY))


      5-12-2017 1-57-04 PM.jpg