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    QlikView Server Min/Max Working Set Considerations

    Kerk Ying Ng

      Hi all,


      I have a current deployment for an enterprise server that has the default 70% and 90% Minimum and Maximum working set.


      What I understand is that at 70% Qlik will start to throttle the RAM usage and purge calculations results stored in the global cache etc.


      2 Questions:

      1. What is the implication of setting the minimum working set to 85%? If I want the server to accommodate more cached result sets, Can I just push the minimum working set to the high end?

      2. What happens in between 70% and 90%? Is it the case if the unaggregated datasets exceed the 70% threshold, then they will allow global cache results to be stored beyong 70%?


      Thanks for any help!