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    [Qlik Sense Desktop 3.2 SR3] The hypercube results are too large, when I trying to show table with many records

    Bill Gates

      Hello, experts!

      I'm working with extension SmartExport

      SmartExport/SmartExport.js at master · iviasensio/SmartExport · GitHub


      This extension works fine, when table has not so many records.


      But if table has many records, I receiving error. The hypercube results are too large.




      May I do something to increase max hypercube size?


      Or any other suggestion? What should i do to solve this error?


      May be i should override hypercube parameters by something like this?



      qHyperCubeDef : {
      qDimensions : [],
      qMeasures : [],
      qInitialDataFetch : [{
      qWidth : 10,
      qHeight : 50