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    Qlik Sense vs. SАP BО Lumira

    Steve Br.

      Hello! My company (medium-sized enterprise) is currently testing several BI solutions. It looks like the final decision will be between Qlik Sense and SАP BО Lumira. Can somebody please provide a comparison between the two tools? I personally would love to go with QS but cannot make a strong case as I have never worked with the BI solution from SАP.

      Thank you!

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          Neal Gosz

          Honestly, the best answer I can give you is you can download both tools and work with them.  Qlik Sense is handy where you can download the full working tool for free.  Lumira typically is a 30-day trial, but you can get a good feel for its capabilities during that time frame.


          I've worked in both, and it really comes down to personal preference and how the tool can get the the best ROI in your company.


          Look up the Gartner reports as that is also a great resource where you can see quarterly reports and BI tool comparisons.

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              Steve Br.

              Thanks for replying! I don't really have the time to test the full functionality of SAP BO but I watched some videos on Youtube and didn't like it very much. Correct me if I am wrong, but unlike Qlik, SAP BO does not allow multiple selections and the visualizations can only be updated using filters. This seems like a major drawback to me.

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              Robert Svebeck

              I can perhaps share some thoughts. But I do not know anything about SAP BO, just Power BI and Qlik.

              One parameter I think gets too little attention when buying BI solutions is long term costs estimates.

              Be aware that Qlik solution differs towards many other popular BI solutions on this matter. Where the licence model of Qlik is basically "# user" based while many others are "data quantity" based.

              Do you think that you can today estimate how much data you will need in 5 years, or is it easier to estimate # users in 5 years?

              Regarding system functionality on different BI systems, I would say they all cover what is needed. 

              What is more important is to create a good project team internally and find a external partner you have trust in.

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                  Steve Br.

                  Thank you for your response! I did read some reviews and analysts mainly compare Qlik/Tableau/Power BI. SAP BO is not even considered in most of the cases. This makes me feel that it is probably not the best solution for interactive reports. Regarding costs, I believe that QS will be the cheaper option for our company.

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                      Katie mackenzie

                      Hi Steve, I think I can help. First, there is a difference between BusinessObjects and Lumira. BusinessObjects is the original traditional BI platform from SAP while Lumira is their self-service visualization tool.


                      If you want a governed solution with Lumira rather than standalone disconnected desktop tools, you will need to purchase and deploy both. Lumira leverages the repository from the BusinessObjects platform for content storage/management and the portal for sharing.


                      Lumira is more geared to the analysts - the people who want to create their own content. It's not as well suited to satisfying the needs of the consumer who want to broadly explore the data. This is where Design Studio comes in - SAP's solution for guided analytics. SAP has combined these two products into one - sort of. They are combined at the back end - using a server side add on to the BusinessObjects platform. In the next version of Lumira (2.0), the old Lumira will be called Lumira Discovery and Design Studio is getting renamed to Lumira Designer. Both Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer are desktop tools. To get the most out of the SAP BI solution, you need BusinessObjects, Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer and maybe some other tools.


                      Lumira has its own engine called Velocity. Without connecting live to HANA, Lumira has performance and scalability issues. It'SAP highly recommends HANA. When Lumira is getting information live from HANA, it's very fast. But when it's not connected, there will be issues with performance and data scalability.


                      And unless you have BusinessObjects universes deployed, you will need to learn SQL to get information from any non-SAP relational source. This is from the product availability report. This report also states that using universe data acquisition for large volumes of data is not supported. https://support.sap.com/content/dam/launchpad/en_us/pam/pam-essentials/TIP/SAP%20Lumira/SAPLD_PAM.pdf?_ga=2.54502766.776…