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    Beginner Questions About Hierarchy Load

    Olli Holmala



      I am attempting to create links between different rows belonging to one single table. I think that the solution to my problem would be a Hierarchy Load, but I can not seem to get it to work.


      I am unsure that I understood the requirements correctly though. The way I understand Hierarchy Load is, that it requires an ajacent nodes table. It requires a NodeID and ParentID. In my table, I have the ID field and a ParentID field that is simply the ID of the parent row. This should fulfill the criteria required for Hierarchy Load.


      Naturally, in addition to those, I also have plenty of other fields in the table. My first question is, are these extra fields a problem for the Hierarchy Load?


      Secondly, I just finished my first successful Hierarchy Load (lasted a mere 25 minutes...) and it's removed the table that it was loaded from altogether! Should I have created a separate "buffer" adjacent nodes table that takes the ID and parentID from my table, and then use that to do the Hierarchy Load?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!