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    Store global settings into a txt-file for include-statement

    Court van de Lisdonk


      We want to maintain the base of our Qlikviewdocument-settings on one central location, so in

      our DWH we have created a file GlobalVariables with settings for those Qlikview Documents.

      In a Qlikview Document (see attach document) I create a table GlobalVariables:

      SQL SELECT *
      FROM "QlikView_Repository".dbo.GlobalVariables;

      NoConcatenate Load
      VariableContent   as Setting
      Resident GlobalVariables;


      This table ToTXTfile I store as a TXT-file:


      Store ToTXTfile Into $(DataPathTxt)GlobalVariables.txt (txt, delimiter is ';');


      The txt-file I get, I cannot use in an included statement like:




      because I get load-failures and so the txt-file is not like expected:



      "SET DataPathExcel = 'C:\Qlikview\Datasources\excel\';"

      "SET DataPathTxt =  'C:\Qlikview\Datasources\txt\';"

      "SET DataPathImages =  'C:\Qlikview\Datasources\images\';"

      "SET DataPathQvd =  'C:\Qlikview\Datasources\qvd\';"

      "SET DATADIR = 'E:\QlikView\Datasources\';"

      "SET DataPathExcel = 'E:\QlikView\Datasources\excel\';"

      "SET DataPathTxt  = 'E:\QlikView\Datasources\txt\';"

      "SET DataPathImages =  'E:\QlikView\Datasources\images\';"

      "SET DataPathQvd = 'E:\QlikView\QVD_Files\';"

      "LET vPeriodStartYear = (year(date(now()))-3);"

      "LET vPeriodStartMonth = (month(date(now()))-3);"

      "LET vPeriodStartMonthNum = num(month(date(now()))-3);"

      "LET vPeriodStartDate =  MakeDate((year(date(now()))-3), 1, 1);"

      "LET vCurrentYear= (year(date(now())));"

      "LET vCurrentMonth = (month(date(now())));"

      "LET vCurrentMonthNum = num(month(today()));"

      "LET vCurrentDateNum = num(today());"

      "LET vPeriodEndYear = (year(date(now()))+2);"

      "LET vPeriodEndMonth = (month(date(now()))+2);"

      "LET vPeriodEndMonthNum = num(month(date(now()))+2);"

      "LET vPeriodEndDate = MakeDate((year(date(now()))+2), 12, 31);"

      "LET vMonthYear = (month(date(now()))) &'-'&(year(date(now())));"

      "LET vInActiveCol = RGB(48/65/82);"

      "LET vActiveCol = RGB (0/85/165) ;"

      "LET vActiveColText = RGB (0/0/0) ;"

      "LET vAccentCol = RGB (206/212/219);"

      "LET #LANGUAGE = 'German';"

      "LET vLanguage = '= Minstring(#LANGUAGE)';"

      "LET vSelectedLangKey = Only(LangKey);"

      "LET vCurrency = 'EUR';"

      "LET vExcRate = 1;"

      "LET vCurSign = Only(CurrencySign);"

      "SET vOneOrder='=GetPossibleCount(SalesInvoiceNumber)=1';"

      "SET vOneCustomer='=GetPossibleCount(CustomerNumber)=1';"

      "SET vProductGroup='=GetPossibleCount(ProductGroup)=1';"

      "SET vYearNumber='=GetPossibleCount(Year)=1';"

      "SET vMonthNumber='=GetPossibleCount(MonthShortName)=1';"

      "SET vMounting='=GetPossibleCount(Mountinggroup)=1';"


      When I use the txt-file in n included statement and give a reload, the reload has problems with the VariableContent and "


      My questions:

      1. Is it possible to create a txt-file which can be used in an included statement?
      2. When Yes: what should be changed in the store statement to get the right txt-file for the include statement?
      3. When NO: is there another possible solution to get the settings from the DWH into a Qlikview Document and use them as Settings not as a Table?