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    Counter on QlikSense

    Gabriela Baldivia do Lago

      Hello everyone,


      I created an AutoNumber() on QlikView and it works ok. But on QlikSense it isn't working as well.


      The Calendar is by week. So every line is a different week.

      Every Vitrine has 4 week and the 13th Vitrine has 5 weeks.
      I'm breaking the calendar into Vitrines to number every week in the Vitrine.


      On QlikView the result is:


      It is correct.


      On QlikSense the result to the same code is:

      On QlikSense continues counting the line even though I store and drop the table Calendario and read again.



      The code:


      FOR vAno = 2012 to $(vMaxAno) // This variable is to set the max year that I have order

          FOR  vVitrine = 1 to 13



              LOAD Ano,




                   Semana            as CalendarioSemana

              FROM [lib://App Data (global_ueg023)/dados\Ext\Calendario.qvd]




                //In this part is selected just the 4 or 5 lines of the current Vitrine


              LOAD Ano                                as Ano,

                   Vitrine                                as Vitrine,

                  CalendarioSemana                    as Semana,

                  right(CalendarioSemana, 2)            as [Semana do Ano],

                  Date(SemanaDtInicio, 'DD/MM/YYYY')     as [Inicio Semana],//AS [Pedido (Data de Início da Semana)],

                   Date(SemanaDtFim, 'DD/MM/YYYY')     AS [Fim da Semana] //[Pedido (Data de Fim da Semana)]

              Resident Calendario

              Where Ano = $(vAno) and

                  Vitrine = $(vVitrine)

              order by CalendarioSemana;


              drop table Calendario;


              Store CalendarioVitrine1 into [lib://$(DataFolder)/Ext/Calendario/Calendario_$(vAno)_$(vVitrine).qvd](qvd);


              drop table CalendarioVitrine1;



              Load *,

                   AutoNumber(Semana)    as SemanaMes

              FROM [lib://$(DataFolder)/Ext/Calendario/Calendario_$(vAno)_$(vVitrine).qvd]



              Store CalendarioVitrine into [lib://$(DataFolder)/Ext/Calendario/Calendario_$(vAno)_$(vVitrine).qvd](qvd);


              drop table CalendarioVitrine;





      Someone know why it's happening?