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    Networkdays not responding - Sense V3.2.3

    Buck Master

      Date formats look like this:

           07/01/2016, 07/05/2016

           07/03/2016, 07/14/2016


      SET DateFormat='MM/DD/YYYY';


      The load script is as follows:


      LOAD *,

        If(IsNull(ValueNullConv),  0, NetWorkDays('Post Date', 'CH Signoff Date')) as  [CH DAYS AGED];      //all i see is a zero?


        [Post Date],

        [Signoff Date],

        If(len(trim([Signoff Date]))= 0 or [Signoff Date]='NULL' or [Signoff Date]='-', Null(), [Signoff Date] ) as ValueNullConv


      FROM [lib://XXXXX/YYYYYYY.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is AAAATransactions$)

      Where [Amount] <> 0;


      While testing, i dropped a KPI Object on the page that has an expression like:      NetWorkDays('Post Date','Signoff Date')

      nothing shows?



      Any help is appreciated